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The variPlay Project has now completed. On this page you can see details about the research and review the project outcomes and results.

variPlay Artists and Apps


Academic Publications

Paterson, J. & Toulson, E. R. 2020 - User-Managed-Machine-Controlled Playback: the variPlay music app format for interactive commercial music, Arts (special issue): Music and the Machine: Contemporary Music Production, MDPI.

Paterson, J. & Toulson, E. R. 2016 - Interactive Digital Music: enhancing listener engagement with commercial music, in: Innovation In Music II, Future Technology Press, October 2016, ISBN 9781911108047.

Research and Development Team
Professor Justin Paterson
Associate Professor of Music Technology
The London College of Music
University of West London.
Professor Rob Toulson
Professor of Creative Industries
School of Media Art and Design
University of Westminster
In collaboration with:
Warner Music Group
The UK Arts and Humanities Research Council
Extending research developed in collaboration between:
Anglia Ruskin University
University of West London
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