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I work regularly as a mix engineer, taking the recordings that have been put together by producers and engineers, or musicians themselves, and utilise my knowledge of music production to bring those recordings to life in the most creative, relevant and professional manner.


Mixing can be quite a personal thing, every mixer has their own style, approach and studio setup, but I try to be flexible and can easily work on any projects in collaboration with the artist or producer to achieve the desired result. For example, I'm happy mixing in Pro Tools, Logic, or Abelton. I'll also work entirely 'in-the-box' for classical music projects (where transparent audio clarity is usually desired), but for rock and more contemporary productions I'll use combinations of analogue and digital processing, drawing together the best elements of workflow with digital-audio-workstations and the sonic merits of analogue processing and summation.


I have licenses for the most powerful audio software tools as well as an extensive array of analogue and valve processing gear. I also have a number of guitar amps and synthesizers which I can use for re-amping and adding delicate contemporary sounds where necessary. I'm also happy to use drum replacement, quantisation and auto-tuning when required, but equally I enjoy a well delivered and recorded performance which requires no processing at all!


I worte a short article on mixing for Sound On Sound Magazine HERE.

I've experience in mixing all genres including pop, rock, metal, classical, folk and electronic music. I'll also be pleased to give mix feedback or act as an external mix-consultant if that fits with your project.

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